January 5

Winter has arrived!!! Time to put on some warm clothes and make sure everyone in the family is warm. We don’t want anyone catching that annoying cold or come down with seasonal Flu.

Winter can also be harsh in your car performance. Luckily most of us will not be driving your vehicle in snowy condition and face those perils that come with extreme cold. However, this doesn’t mean we should be carefree about your car this winter. Make sure a few things are in order:


It is more difficult for batteries to perform well in Winters, most of us might remember rubbing those TV remote batteries together to create heat for better functioning, Right!! Well, you cannot do that with car batteries, yes you can perform a small Volt Test. If you do not know how to perform a Test take your car to your authorized Service Center and have it checked.

2.Headlamps and Fog Lamps

The Days are shorter and nights are longer, so more chance of you driving in nights more and add in haze/fog conditions. You need to make sure that your headlamps are bright enough, so are your Fog Lamps if you have one.

3.Heaters and Defrosters

The whole comfort level in winter depends on warmth. It is not a good experience driving while shivering. Hazardous driving with visual impaired frosted/fogged windscreen/car windows is not what you want to do. Ensure that Air Condition/Heaters/Defrosters are working well.

4.Engine Oil

The Suzuki Recommended Engine Oil can function well in the cold condition, given that they do not exceed their best-performing parameters. It is always recommended to replace engine oil in a regulated interval for the best performance of your car in any condition.

Winter can increase wear and tear in your brakes. This mainly because of the driving condition of winters. The low visibility and occasional slippery cold roads can lead to over-rely on brakes. This naturally increases wear and tears in the brake. So timely check the condition of your brake if you want to have a safe and comfortable drive.

It is always advisable to visit Your Nearest Suzuki Service Centers, who can ensure your cars are functioning perfectly to tackle any weather conditions.